Texas College Savings Plan Investments

Selecting investments may seem overwhelming for some. However, the Texas College Savings Plan makes it easier by offering investment options and strategies tailored to different growth requirements, situations and risk tolerances.

The Age-based and Static Portfolios include underlying funds managed by T. Rowe Price, Artisan, Vanguard, DFA, Dodge and Cox, and Dreyfus. Additionally, you can choose to follow an index investment strategy, a blended investment strategy or combination of both.

Understanding Different Investment Strategies

Index Strategy—Generally, this strategy is designed to generate returns that attempt to track the performance of a major market index over the long term. Transaction costs and other expenses are lower because most of the investments are based on the composition of the index.

Blended Strategy—The blended strategy offers a combination of actively managed and index investments in one portfolio.

Should your goals or needs change, you have the flexibility to rebalance your account or allocate future contributions to different portfolios. Under current federal regulations, account owners are allowed to change the allocation of existing assets twice per calendar year or whenever you name a new beneficiary.